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We help families find ways they can volunteer in their local community.


I’M Rebecca – Mum of 3 boys living in Cambridge, New Zealand.

I have enjoyed being a volunteer for a number of different organisations and events and it has to be one of the most challenging and rewarding things I do (apart from being a Mum, and also laundry).

Through school, kindy and other events; our kids have had a number of opportunities to use their time to do something nice for other people – an act of kindness. Simple, not necessarily time-consuming, but incredibly meaningful.

I’m deeply affected by the disturbing events we are seeing more frequently in New Zealand and around the world (children being neglected and harmed by their own families, people displaying a lack of tolerance for other people though violence and undeserved hurtful words, people forever being impacted by the effects of war and acts of terror).


My immediate reaction was to try and find something we could do as a family for our local community. I’m aware that taking action locally has no immediate impact on the events I heard about; however I felt that I could show my boys how we should be treating other people. Maybe one day they can stand up, do what is right, and be part of the solution.

As I tried to come up with family-friendly options for volunteering – I felt a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t know whether there was anyone who needed a helping hand, and I certainly didn’t want to annoy anyone if they didn’t want a delightful (loud, crazy, boisterous, sweet) young family in their midst “helping” them. I also realised that there might be other families who feel the same way I do.

Thanks for supporting Act of Kindness!

My hope is that we can build a culture of young people and their families serving our local community, volunteering our time and lending a helping hand. One Act of Kindness at a time. One community at a time.


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