AOK believes that looking after our environment plays a big part in caring for our community.

We want to help teach young people and their families how to look after the huge number of parks, reserves, wetlands and bike trails in our area. We help coordinate a range of activities around the Waipa region and support local initiatives including the Cambridge Community Garden and Plastic Bag Free Cambridge.


We 💚 Green

AOK loves green! We love our parks, reserves and gardens and want to ensure they stay beautiful, clean and green for everyone to enjoy.

We coordinate a range of “We 💚 Green” days where families come and help tidy up green spaces in the Cambridge area.

Act-of-Kindness-Volunteer-Waikato-River-Trails-Young people mucking in on AOKs clean up project with Waikato River Trails Nov 2017.JPG
Act-of-Kindness-Volunteer-Waikato-River-Trails-IMG_0588 Emily and Steven Lee clear pest vegetation from Huihuitaha wetland..JPG

If your family would like to volunteer, please register your details – then we’ll be in contact with you. Easy as!


If you have any questions, you might find the answer on our FAQ page, otherwise send us a message and we’d love to help!