These are some of our frequently asked questions. please send us a message if you’d like more information

How does aok work?

Young people and their families who are willing to volunteer, register with AOK. We are constantly working behind the scenes with local groups and organisations finding family-friendly opportunities to volunteer. We let you know of new projects and opportunities as they arise and you decide whether it's the right fit for your family. We organise all the details, your family show up and the Act of Kindness happens!

I’m over 18, can I still volunteer?

Our aim is for families with children to lend a helping hand in the local community. If you are an individual who would like to volunteer – we recommend contacting Volunteering Waikato.

Can children under 5 come too?

Definitely. All of our Acts of Kindness aim to be family-friendly. While we welcome children under 5 it will be your responsibility to keep an eye on them.

how long will the act of kindness take?

It depends on the activity we’ve been asked to do. We understand that young people have a limited window of opportunity – so any activity will be targeted to families and will not last longer than a few hours.


We think it’s really important to communicate well to our volunteers and make sure everyone is safe and happy when they’re out volunteering through AOK. To do this we ask our volunteers to register through an online form. It only takes a few minutes and all of your information is kept safe and sound. Occasionally the groups and organisations we work with require additional paperwork to be filled out for health and safety reasons - it is important we adhere to all health and safety requirements to keep our families safe.

Do I need a parent/caregiver to come with me when I volunteer?

If you are under 18 then you will need a parent/ caregiver to sign up on your behalf and they will need to come with you when you volunteer – we’d love them to take part too!

Is there a limit to how many times we can volunteer?

No! Whether it is one time or one hundred, each Act of Kindness is meaningful and helps someone in the community. If everyone did ONE Act of Kindness imagine the community we’d live in!

how do i register?

If you’re a volunteer, click here

If you need a helping hand, click here

I'm outside the Cambridge/Waipa area, can I still get involved?

While we’re currently focusing on Cambridge/Waipa areas, Act of Kindness could expand in the future. You can register your interest here